Monetary Policy and the Great Recession

One of my favorite podcasts (or really, favorite audio show period) is Econtalk. It’s the perfect blend of deeply intellectual conversations about complex economics and down to earth simplicity. Russ Roberts, the host, is a personal idol of mine; a champion of free market principles and common sense government policies.

Recently, I listened to a great episode on the actions of the Federal Reserve around the time of the Great Recession, how bailouts created moral hazard within the banking industry, how the Federal Reserve (wrongly) prioritized target interest rates, and a number of other topics in the ~1 hour long episode. This is a provocative episode since it suggests that Ben Bernanke and The Fed conducted monetary policy that will have long term negative effects on the (world) economy.

As a final aside, I love how Russ digs at Ben Bernanke calling Bernanke’s book “Courage to Act” the “Courage to Fantasize.” Russ cracks me up 🙂

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